Our Story


My Inspiration

Those who know me know that I am all about taking care of those I love.  I never realized how much I neglected my own needs in the process until one of the most critical times of my life.  The eye opener for me was losing my angel, my father, Pastor Michael W. Verrett (MV…..EMVEE) in 2020.  My father was a VERY accomplished musician who maintained so much inner peace; I just could not understand how he maintained it through his health struggles.  He would make the most difficult concepts seem so simple and loved to teach as much as he loved to learn.  To lose the man who taught me how to pray without ceasing, not to lean into my own understanding and to submit to him for everything in life from the struggles to the blessings so that my path will be made straight (Proverbs 3:5-6)…was now gone.  I found myself searching for moments to just to make it through the day.  This turned into self-isolation and the feeling of just going numb.  I knew that I could not under any circumstance lose myself in grief and depression.  How can I go day to day feeling numb, and continue to take care of my loved ones if I’m spreading myself thin without any type of SELF CARE????

The Creation of EMVEE

I love to smell good.  I love to feel good.  I love to look good.  Who doesn’t?  After realizing how many bath and body products were filling my bathroom at such an expensive cost and not being as beautiful as I would like them to be, I decided to learn how to create my favorite products myself.  A beautiful scent just changes my mood.  Because I love smelling good and great scents, I found it critical to create my own line of products to reflect that.  To be able to tie that in with my favorite person in the world who brought so much calm, peace, love and joy to anyone fortunate enough to know him was just the obvious thing to do.

EMVEE is all about self-care and motivation.  This company is for those who work hard and forget to just take a moment for themselves.  Let me say this……it is okay to not be okay.  Every day you are blessed to wake up is another day to thank GOD and start anew.  Stop what you are doing, take a moment to breathe and tell yourself “I’ve done my best today and I’m okay with that”.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit more about my company, and thank you for supporting my small business. 

Remember, you deserve something special!